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The Versatility of Travel


Many people have the completely wrong idea about travel in general. You don’t have to be heading off on a package vacation to say you are travelling, and you don’t have to be backpacking around the world either – travel is basically leaving your home and heading somewhere new, for …

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The Cheapest Ways to Fly to the US from Europe


Travel isn’t free, and whilst many of us think it should be, unfortunately this has not yet come to fruition. If you’re wanting to head off to the USA and you’re currently residing in Europe, or even vice versa, how can you find the cheaper airfares? There’s no exact science …

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The Orlando Theme Park Guide


Orlando is a city full of more fun and frolics than most countries manage to pack into their entire land-span. The Sunshine State’s iconic city is a year-around destination that every child dreams of visiting, and probably every adult at some stage too! Theme park lovers will be in their …

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Five cities in the US for foodies


  Food, glorious food! We all love a good munch, but some of us like it more than others, in fact some of us like to pair our travel needs with destinations which are on the world map for cuisine. If this sounds like you and you’re either heading to …

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Five of the Best Things To Do in Miami


In the words of the great Will Smith – Welcome to Miami! This powerhouse of a city, full of bronzed bodies, endless sun, nightlife to die for, shopping to make your credit card cry, and nature you won’t get enough of, is a big hitter in the world’s best cities …

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How to Take a Day Trip to Mexico From San Diego


Visiting two destinations within the space of one vacation is a great idea, because not only do you get to see two different places, but you get to experience two different types of culture, especially when this encompasses two completely different countries. If you’re in the San Diego area, did …

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Five of the Best Things To Do in LA


  If you are lucky enough to be heading to LA, land of those wanting to make it big in the movie world, then you need to know exactly what there is on offer, otherwise you might miss something important! LA doesn’t do anything by halves and this loud and …

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Five Cities in the US for History Buffs


The United States of America is a country steeped in history, from large scale events to smaller, more subtle nods, but history is history at the end of the day, and this is one country anyone with a penchant for days gone by should be heading to. Where to go? …

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Five of the Best Things To Do in Philadelphia


  Large cities are full of things to do, experiences to be had, and probably more than enough retail therapy to batter your credit card a little. Despite that, when you visit a new city you could be forgiven for being a little, well, lost. If you don’t know what …

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How to Find Cheap Accommodation in the US


If you’re heading off to a new destination in the US, or perhaps you’re heading to this wonderful country for the first time, you’ll need to cut costs here and there, to make your travel adventure a little easier on the bank balance. None of us are made of money, …

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Five of the Most Unusual Attractions in the US


  There are countless tourist attractions to check out in the US, and whilst most of them are mainstream, i.e. areas of historical importance, such as buildings, churches, bridges, parks etc, it doesn’t have to be mainstream to be an attraction. The home of the weird and wonderful, the US …

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Five of the Best Things To Do in NYC


  New York, New York, the city so great they named it twice. If you have the chance to visit this huge and vibrant city then you should grab it with both hands and run with it! The Big Apple is packed with more attractions than most other cities can …

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Five Cities in the US for Music Lovers


  Music is a powerful media, it can alter the way we think, feel, and act, and a simple sound from a few years ago can take us back in time and land us back there, as if no time has passed. Powerful indeed. If the world didn’t have music …

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The 10 Best Airports in the US


An airport is rarely just an airport these days, don’t you agree? Whilst once upon a time it used to be simply a building to show your passport, sit and wait, and board or disembark a plane, nowadays an airport is more of an entertainment centre in its own right, …

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Five Cities in the US for Fashionistas


  Everyone’s idea of fashionable is different, because opinions change from person to person, and fashion is essentially an opinion. Despite that, if you want to be ‘in fashion’ in terms of the mainstream, you need to head to certain places, to fit right in with the popular fashionista set! …

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